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reached ten below zero ithoottthe windchill. he's... a... ravens... season ticket... holder. hhller.....and an elemmntary custodian. 3 3&pbut, thh kids at oak 33 3 he''.... a... ravens... season ticket... hold. pchool custodian. 3 but, the kids at oak ill elemmntary choollin severna park know him simply as biggest ravens fan they know. mike duvall aalays wears his ravens jerseys tooschool.... ...paintt his face.......nd, even holds mini ravensspep rallys during llnch. mike duvall, oak hill 2 eet up and they respect me. thht's the way it should be." deneen houghton, oak hill principal: t 1.04.32 i think phat it's because tth kids go they talk about r. mike aad what mr. mike did." did."mike's principall.. rom whom you just heard... is alss a big ravens fan..he actuully hhs tickets to the suppr bowl. &p a robbery solved as soon a it happened. the glaring piece ssraight to these crash and grab criminals. a eaacer's job on the line overrffcebbok. the tape that she says ere just a joke. republicans gaanna major viitory in the debt ceilingg debate. the strategy th
hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert.for the first thh ravens are going to pro football's ultimate event. bruce unninghaa is here to &pbegii ur coverage tonight of the eam's magicaa ride through the posttseason .. one of thh hardest things about making the uper bowl is acceptance...realizing that pinnacle...making sure it hits navel gazing..even hough they ddn;t play this weekend, work...'l be ut there on 3& 3with raa lewis on his sell-descriied lass ride, there won't be is talk that ed reed could retire in &phis hometown,and then there's center matt biik, whh is in his 15thnfl season, and is &pmakinn his first super bowl &pa ong time to wwit,,but birk sayshe's nnt really focuued on that right now... "nobody deserves it more than anybodyyelse, it doess't matter how long you play. to be doinggit with this team, i just think theecloseness of this ttammand kind of the journey that we've been gettiig closee to ffnally -3 bbeak ttrough is pretty special." 3&the gravity of what has happpned is beginning to seetle in on the ravenss.john harbaugh alks abo
, but it is a real possibility for pentagon employees. >> the ravens road to new orleans. coming up, we will hear >> perhaps one of the least heralded but most important parts of the reagan organization is one of its most tenured. -- the ravens organization is one of its most tenured. >> ozzie newsome. 11 news pete has the story. hi, pete. >> ozzie newsome is an unassuming. he likes to take long walks or on days like this, he will take the treadmill. if there is a better manager and in the nfl, i have not seen him. ozzie newsome would go into the nfl hall of fame as a manager if he were not already there as a player. if there is one thing we can point to form why the reagan sir but the regular season, it is -- the raven survive the regular season, it is ozzie. >> we knew don could play. it was just a matter of him getting on the field. >> while paul kruger took time to reach his potential, the potential was there. >> when i am around come paul does a lot of the extra stuff on in some. >> he gives banks he had some many talents to, on as replacements -- he gives thanks he had so many talents to tu
symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. fo >>> well the ravens are making their final preps before leaving for new orleans tomorrow. the team held the last practice in baltimore yesterday and it was also ray lewises last practice at the training facility. without a team, he had practice from thursday through friday as if it were a normal workweek. the ravens were happy to keep their schedule and feel good as they get ready to leave. it was good. it was good to keep the routine and focus in. try to get as much done work wise as you can hear and then next week with everything going on, just come part mental lies, focus on enjoyments and when it is time to enjoy it, but focus on work when it is time to go to, two. >> we'll have to do just as well and better. we have to build on these practices and be ready to play a great football team in the san francisco 49ers, a very well coached football team i might say. >> they will take off tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow we're going to send our ravens off in style. fans can cheer the ravens on as they leave tomorrow morning. the city
... determiie if... and... whhn &pand... cmppaints... are investigated. 3 for... two... ravens players.../ super... bowl... 47... much more... than... a game../. it's... a... homecoming...//. ed... reed... ann... jacoby jones... are... booh... from jones.../ a... native... of... new orleans...//morgan adsit... has more, morgan. ee reed still can't believe whhle most players dreamed of playiig in the n-f-l....he dreamed of playiig inna super bowl in his hometown... new &porleens. after the ravens beat the patriots sunday in tte a-f-c championship...jones kept hasscomm a long way in one season with the ravees...the most dangerous return man in thh ravens are headinn to new orleans...not bbd for a guy case of the rops..if joness makes the endzone... he has a special dannc for his home city.jones however... haa run into one bad tting about playing in a super bowl in his hometown... the nee family members he's picked up through phone calls and text messages. what ozzie newsome has to say about.... &j cameron go.that's n about 50 on sportt unlimited. 3&you can count
is not breaking any time soon. we are joined with more. >> just because the ravens are not playing this weekend is not mean we are seeing any less hostile around town. judging by the ravens gear people are picking up today, we will see a lot more of it next week. still flyin ghigh after last sunday's victory, fans have been flocking to baltimore's novelty since the minute the store opened monday. >> it is crowded. >> they want the afc champion t- shirts and pennants. and they want shirts and a victory on sunday. >> the victory is the one thing they cannot buy here, but name anything else and you will find it. >> since they won the super bowl 12 years ago, people started loving them. the team loves the community back. it is like a lot of there. >> there is no doubt these brothers love their hometown team. they have got a memorabilia to prove it. >> some of our best times were hanging out with my brother at the ballpark. >> lewis has not been at the stadium. three and a half years ago he had a seizure caused by a brain tumor. since then, he has had to stay away from the route a game day atmospher
:27:26 fans cheering cheeringgaltimore rrllies around its ravens.your ffvorite plays of the game. andd.. president obama is just pours away from his second inauguratiin.the twoobiggest challenges he'll face during his second term. 3p3 3 monday, january 21st. &3 3&pmapgreenspring bat nat pikemap yoo can just feel the eecitement across bbllimore this morning.the rrvens are headed to the suppr bowl!the team went into fooborough lastt night... and pulled out a convincing 28-13 win over the pattiott. we pick it up at thh start of the third quarter... the ravens trail 13-7.but then... joe flacco its ddnnis itta frrm ive yards out.the exxra point is good and the ravens - hits anquan boldin for wo fourth quarter touchdowns... phhs is the second one... from 11 yards out... giving thh ravens a 28-13 lead.that proved to be enouuh....and as tte clocc wound down, the "i just said the god doesn't make mistakes, man. there wass o way he was going &phe had a real plan forrus thee whole year." year."it'' the ravens' first trip to the super bowl in 12 years...they'll play ohn'ss brother jim harra
? [laughter] >> it is going to be a mega game. >> ravens star ray lewis getting spoofed on saturday night live. good morning, washington. news raininning our now. >> live and in hd,his is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. . am scott >> the weather caused a number delays this morning. all of those scrolling on the top of your screen. storm watch coverage with adam , giving us a sense of the worst conditions both that and. >> it is really just this morning for the next couple of hours. light glazing and freezing sleet across area roadways. side streetse which are not as treated. then, light rain later this morning. here is a live look at the live super doppler radar. the white and blue areas, up 270, that isd snow. a light coating of snow and on top ofain falling it. go south of the beltway, rain and reports of sleet falling along with a little bit of snow mixed in. some rain reported in culpeper, .uantico, this is all a matter of a few degrees. we are hovering right around point.ezing some temperatures you see on your screen will be dropping a two.ver the next hour or yo
the bus already. six days away from the super bowl where the baltimore ravens will take on the san francisco 49ers. -- you can feel the buzz. >> baltimore gave them a sendoff. suzanne is at the inner harbor with players and fans. i imagine they're getting pretty excited. >> they are pretty excited. a great way to spend your lunchtime. even the rain and cold weather is not keeping these ravens fans away. they are bundled up, wearing red and black, here to give the ravens a huge sendoff. people came here early. they are featuring the marching ravens band, the cheerleaders, and a lot of excited fans. we are told the ravens might be stuck in a little traffic. they are expected to come here through throngs of fans and onto the stage. the team says they will be here for a short while. they will agree to the fans and then get back on the team bus. the fans are very excited to see their hometown team and are wishing them well. >> i'm excited. i cannot wait. my first time coming to a ravens rally. i'm really excited. >> i came out to give them a great sendoff. 12 years ago i remember they w
the ravens. >> pelosi also pointed out her late father and former baltimore mayor got the city and built and she has long been a fan of baltimore sports teams, including the ravens. tonight he devoted his time to a zumba-thon. he met at the abet in pasadena raising money for autism speaks. it is back to business for the rest of the ravens tomorrow as they get ready for super bowl 47. >> now, you are 11 weather forecasts with cheap meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> to give the prospective but just how cold this arctic air is -- video out of chicago where abandoned warehouse caught fire overnight. now it is covered in ice because the bitter cold froze the water the firefighters were pouring on the building. authorities in chicago are concerned that the weight of all that ice might make the building collapse. pouring water on to put out the fire -- it is now like an ice castle. temperatures well below 0 in that area. bitter cold extends across the great lakes, the mid-atlatntic, the northeast. you know it is cold and high temperatures to not even get above zero. around burlington, vermont, 4
the ballroom to watch the ravens make it to the super bowl. >> yeah, i got a peak at the game. >> reporter: good people, good food. tell them about the maryland crab cakes. >> they were excellent. very good. >> reporter: twin sisters monica and veronica say it's mr. obama's second term that will be more historic than the first. >> it has been a little difficult, but we still have faith in him. >> reporter: i'm still salivating, because we saw the crab cakes come and go and never got to taste them. maybe we can get a doggy bag on the way out. but a party is still rocking and a ravens' win. hard to put yourself to bed, right? but many of us, thousands, have an early start tomorrow. i will see you at the inaugural ball at the convention center tomorrow at news4 at 6:00 and 11:00. we're live tonight from the national harbor, erica gonzalez, news4. >> my wife will make a crab cake for you sometime, erica. >> reporter: thanks, jim. >>> in just a few hours, dozens of streets downtown will be closed ahead of the inauguration. crews got an early start putting up gates and posting parking restrictio
baltimore city police. as the ravens get focused ion the 49ers and their fiist ssper bowl in more tthn a decade... one play against the still on the minds of some baltiiore players. playerr.sports director bruce some playerr have a beef with - new englann quarterback tom now stepping in.. bruce. it';s no sscret that the nfl considers new england partiotrs it's golden's pupersttrss..but the veteran brrdy maa haae createe a bit of a pr problemfor the eague ///take vo///meenwhile...the nfl says it's going to review this play from sundaynight'ss afc championshipp in which tom brady appeared ttkick the ravens ed reeddwhile it was ntenional or pot...reed kinn of brushed it offf..but safety bernard pollard, who has a long aad the pats, isn'ttbuyinn it 3iffthe nfl finds brady did it inttntiooally, which is unlikely...he coulddbe fined is even mmre unlikely...we'll h- hear from oe lacco, coming up in sports..later in the hour... and we''e following ray's last rideeall the way to the our stories on the ravens interviews from the pllyers... going to oor webbite... on the "ray's las
most of it but everything changed in the second half. the ravens were down before joe flacco found dennis pitta to put the team ahead. then this was all ravens. two more touchdown passes to anquan boldin and it was all over. now the team, they wasted no time getting back home after last nate's game but they had plenty of time to relive some of those great moments. every player contributed to the win but joe flacco was the standout. he was the elite player coaches said he is. he talked about celebrating a win but keeping an aon the next step. >> you have to enjoy it and get all this mayhem that's going to be involved with the game and getting people down to the game and all that stuff. you have to get that out of the way and take care of that so that when you focus on the 49ers, they'll have your full attention. so when we start preparing for those guys we can go after it. >> flacco now holds the nfl record for the quarterback with the most playoff wins on the road. >>> it was a true team effort and a dream come true. the atmosphere on the field after the game was electric and abc2'
a world champion. the ravens talk about how they are approaching the big game. >> and day six of the trial of john leopold. why a sergeant assigned to protect said he was asked to keep a woman away from him at an event. >>> first snow overnight and it's still chilly. >> abc two is tracking the forecast. >> reporter: you complaining a little bit? >> tough crowd. >> under winter weather advisory. why its not in baltimore. a little bit of a conflict but i think that will be issued as we go into tonight. winter weather advisory. we are telling you that things will get dicey into tomorrow evening. look at the temperatures. that's the real headline over the next 24, 36 hours. 29 in the city and annapolis right now 25 degrees. it's another chilly night where we will trade the 20s into the teens once again. now our storm system that we are watching is over the southern plains. it's a clipper, a fast moving storm system that's going to produce very light snow across the area. this is the break down. your hour by hour forecast. it's just a bitter breeze tonight. 21 goes to 16 at 11
go to and look on news. coming up, a pair of die hard ravens fans get an early wedding present. >> no way. >> what they found inside that envelope around the story that sparked it all. and the nation's smallest state takes on one of its biggest issues. i do interior decorating and styling for bars and restaurants. [ male announcer ] whenever a business switches from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it -- the powerful difference 100% fiber optics really makes. i got it the first time i uploaded these massive design plans. it was kind of mind-blowing because it happened so fast. [ male announcer ] now do more business per second with the speed and reliability of verizon fios for business. get internet and phone for just $94.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus, get a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card. verizon. >> nine days until super bowl xlvii and that means wedding plans in high gear for one maryland couple. you may remember days tkwreu and jim. they had their first bait in 2001 at a ravens and giants party. th
is the coach of the baltimore ravens. it is being dubbed by some, the har-bough or the bro-bowl. earlier today it looked like the 40 inintoers would be spectators -- the 49ers would be spectators at the super bowl. 24-14 falcons at the half. the 49ers would overcome a 17-point deficit and take the lead in the fourth quarter with frank gore scoring this touchdown to make it 28-24 and that lead held up as the niners held here on fourth down in the fourth quarter. bowman with the key deflection in the final moments. the inintoers win it 28-2 -- the niners win it 28-2 tour and will fogs the baltimore ravens. >> this will be the 40 newspaperrers first super super bowl appearance was lead in the 1994 season. >> i was there and remember it well. check out the scene in atlanta. the niners celebrating. abc7 news sports reporter mike shumann is in atlanta with reaction from the 9er. >> the 49ers are on their way to their 6th superbowl franchise history and they become the first team in nfl history to make it to the super bowl with a second year head coach examine quarterback. as you can imagine, everyon
. the inintoers win it 28-2 -- the niners win it 28-2 tour and will fogs the baltimore ravens. >> this will be the 40 newspaperrers first super super bowl appearance was lead in the 1994 season. >> i was there and remember it well. check out the scene in atlanta. the niners celebrating. abc7 news sports reporter mike shumann is in atlanta with reaction from the 9er. >> the 49ers are on their way to their 6th superbowl franchise history and they become the first team in nfl history to make it to the super bowl with a second year head coach examine quarterback. as you can imagine, everyone was ecstatic. >> it is amazing. it is amazing. it is something i have been dreaming of all my life as a kid, going to the super bowl, we're here. >> we have one more game left. we have to get it. it feels good. we did what we we did they came and played a good game. it started off fast, but we finished faster. >> unreal. just getting that win in the fashion we wanted to showsolve s solve on the team and the character of the team and we have one more to go. >> it does validate our team. we said
out the possibility for morning sleet tomorrow. >> are you ready for super bowl xliii? the ravens will take on the 49ers and there's ravens fever all over baltimore. >> fans are busy stocking up on merchandise and the lucky ones are going to new orleans. more on the fan frenzy. >> still flying high on the a.f.c. championship from last sunday? since the minute this store opened monday morning -- >> it's pretty tight in here. yes. it's crowded. >> they want a.f.c. championship t-shirts and see super bowl shirts and hopefully a victory on sunday. >> a victory is one thing they cannot buy here. but name just about anything else, and you'll find it. >> since they won the super bowl before, people started loving them and i think the team loves the community back. so it's like a love affair. >> there's no doubt martin and lewis good love their hometown team and they have the memorabilia to prove it. memorabilia and memories. >> some of the best times i've had were hanging out with my brother down at the ballpark prior to the game. >> but lewis hasn't been at the stadium much lately. 3 1/
broke out in a brazilian nightclub, killing more than 200 people. >> before the raven's head south on this eve of the super bowl, the city of baltimore wants to make sure that they know they are behind them. we'll have much more on their celebrations coming up. good morning to you, washington. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. many school districts and local governments have delayed starts to work and school aides -- school days to keep people off the roads. we are running all of those closures and delays at the top of your screen. >> the smithsonian museum, the national zoo, not opening until noon. keep an eye out if you are planning to head out. it is 6:01. adam caskey begins our storm watch coverage. he is outside in the elements. >> what are you looking at? >> last time i was out here, about half an hour ago we had sleet. now it iwe are two degrees above freezing. the salt truck came by and dumped these big chunks of rock salt here. luckily, the roads are pretty well treated. there will still be some slight spots, especially on the side streets. look at the size of the
""generally we don't havv snow when we ttavvl"the couple everything ravens! will drrvv until they get tired....hen park this huge machhne at a walmart: "and one tting you won't be enviius about when it comes to this ttip, they''e getting about 7 miles per gallon" gaalon""it hasn't sunk in yet that we're really going, ss it'' amazing"amazingly they aren't the only ones in the howard made a verr expensive biithday promise to his son. go..."dream come trueettme, the orm offtwo very eepensive tiikeess tickets."never been to a superbbwl, just epic" epic""never forget take lots he dunkels expect to be in new orleans by monday! and we'll be takkng you inside and we'll be and e''l be taking you inside the super bowl live all week from new orleans. oor liie coverage starts tonight coming up.... an orangutan has weighed in on the suppr bow. bowl... find out ho she picked to win. you're watching fox 45 morning 3&p(bumppout))cal.. ll &p((break 1)) 3 forecaster has revealed hee pick for the superrbowl. there she is....syboo the 25- year-old orangutannfrom freeno, california
in new orleans. >> 49ers and ravens shut out their opponents in the second half. the niners they had come back from a huge deficit in atlanta, they were down 17-0 early and matt ryan hit gonzalez falcons led at the half. second half was a different story as the niners took over, frank gore, 90 yards total on the ground. niners up 28-24 in the fourth quarter. defense shut out atlanta in the second half. fourth and four over a minute and with a deflection as was intend forward white. they will face baltimore in the superbowl after the rave engs victory. >> it's a dream come true. i haven't accepted it will now it's like a dream. it will kick in later on the plane. >> unreal, man. it was the way we wanted to. the cashing of this team. got one more to go. >> we never give up. we never give up. we just fight, we just fight. you have to. >> we've waited a long time for this. how does it feel to go to your first superbowl? >> it's amazing. it's amazing. it's something that i've been dreaming of all my life as a kid. superbowl, superbowl, i mean.... >> 49ers are listen on their way back to the ba
. &puniveristy.police were called tt an alley on stonewood drive and loch raven bbulevard in northeast baltimore ttis 3 46-year old man who had een shot multiple times.neighbors say ttey heaad at leest fiie shots.police ae investigating but have not released thh victim's ame but they do saay -3 he ii in grave condition. 3 ppotestorr hit the 3 ....afttr the tate's attorney decided 'nnt' to proseeute tte - officers involved in the deeth of anthony annerson. anderson..39 we just got to - continue this fiiht....c:: ww're continuing this fight & for this young brother 0254 0254 3 yesterdayyandersons' relatives held a ppooesttaa 3 summer. n septemmer, the - mmdical examiner uued his death a homiccde. his wwek, state's attorney gregg bernstein decided the officers used a reasooable amounn f force nd would not be prosecuted. theedepartment of justice is now looking nto &pwhetherranderson's ccvil rights wereeviolaatd. -3 30731 i fflllbad, it's not 0744 3 the officers involved remain - puspended with pay. they still ffce an
saturday and friends say the victim's name is raven. she attended hall burt academy. the girl was inside the home with he mother, grand father and five children when the fire broke out in dundalk. >> i was hoping she would be okay, she was asleep while this was happening. she died, he family inside the hospital right now. >> investigators still aren't sure whether there were working motor vehicle detectors in the home. firefighters will be out in the neighborhood installing fire alarms. >> today the state will present its case in the felecia barns murder trial. johnson accused of killing the 16 year old, prosecutors told jurors they will hear from a convicted criminal and a friends who claims to have seen barns body in the suspect's apartment the day she went missing. the witness is a jailhouse snitch says the witness. john leopold trial. the judge says leopold was acting as a private citizen when he rode around in secure detail and ripped out the opponents campaign signs. leopold faces three oh misconduct charges. the gift that is going to help students who need to attend college. mich
and then the baltimore ravens, now bound for the super bowl down in the big easy, what a day. everything you need to know about that inauguration. >> we'll get to that in just a minute, but first we've got to talk about the ravens. what a day. >> dave owens has the rest of the story. dave? >> reporter: derek, anita, ravens and patriots have been so closely matched over the years. you sort of expected tonight's game to be a tight dramatic 4th quarter game like so many others. baltimore didn't get the memo. when it is all for the marbles, the emotion is still out. that's ray lewis during the anthem almost drawn to tears. baltimore staggering on offense, then they get it going in the second. flacco on top. 20 -- 21-13. then their defense takes over. and their consciousness as ravens recover. flacco striking quickly again. baltimore goes into new england and rips their heart out, 28- 13, they are headed on to super bowl xlvii. all right that was our view here at the broadcast house. kristin fisher -- kristen berset joins us live with this live report. what's up k.b.? >> reporter: hey dave. yeah, what a game
feeeral hilll.. 3 was lloddd... last night- / as... huudreds f ravens fans... gathhree ouuside-/ watching... the gaae... & on the biggscreen. pcreen. fox 455s amberr - miller reports assthe finaa seconds of the ame clock ran out---theesccne coulddonly bb described as sheer madness. 3 there was dancing and there were cheers- ravees fans overwhelmed with the thought of mmaing it back to theesuppr bowl---aad he possibility of baltimore. 3 3 ((nat sound up))<17:56:48 -3 harbaugh super bowll harbaughh super bowl, o, o, o, o,, harbaugh super bowl> it's the match up of historic porportions---((nat sound up)) <26:50:05 harbaugh bowl. harbaugh bowl.> the ravves andd49ers sqauring off & in uper bowl 47.people in fedeeal hill sunday nnghtt goonggbonners abouttthe opportunity.((nat ound up)) up)))ot<17755:11 the harbaugh i mean we have both the brothers and going for the ssper bowl. it'' just greatt> huuddeds gathered &pputssde in ront of a bigg scrren watthing eveey play... p(nat sound upp)
. >>> just over a week from super bowl xlvii and ravens fans full of purple pride. >> reporter: ravens fans are gearing up and ready to cheer the team to a super bowl win. >> go ravens! >> reporter: fans lined up for a chance to see one of their favorite players off to new orleans. >> i'm a huge jacoby jones fan. we were going to meet him a couple weeks ago but we couldn't make it so i really want to meet him today. >> reporter: jones took time to give back to fans, signing autographs and taking pictures downtown. >> we had all those fans after the game, you would have thought we played a home game. >> reporter: baltimore is full of purple pride and some are taking the pride down south. >> fortunate enough to get tickets from friends, won the lottery. so we're off. real excited about it. we've nr been to a super bowl before. >> and of course you can watch super bowl xlvii right here, wusa 9 sunday, february 3rd, 6:30, and the day before the game on crew gets you ready with a special super bowl edition of game on. this guy is a big part of it. >> i am a big part of it. i'll tell you who's
from from federal hill... where the ravens want the city to know just how big.. the big this ravens logo has een here on federal hill for eees.but, paint smmll permeating federal - hilllpark.....that's because of paint.ssuer bowl 47's logo is proudly on display for all of baltimore to see. this logo sttnciling didd requirr some hard work... specificallyy hawing out.the ppray painters the ravens groonds crew use to paint these logos áfroze upá pverniihh.that delaaed this prrject a ggod two and a half hours...but, eventually, super bowl 47,,new orleans, febuary thiid... was visible for all of baltimore to see. pupposed to bee5 with the wind chilll and, evvn the dog didn't wanttto go to far ttis morning."vahe kazandjian: "this is deddcation to the phhs may very well be the onn and only official super bowl 47 logo ainted in the ity of baltimore.that's because the ravees' grounds crewwis likely headed to new orleanssnext week for the big game. hill, paul gessler, fox45 news 5:30. 3 3 even though john harraugh thhrees an 8-hundred pound gorrlla in the room.he's facing his own flesh
are superbowl bound and an emotional night as the ravens finish off the patriots and punch the ticket to new orleans. >> the streets of federal hill locks like new orleans and mardi gras. we will go to some of the celebrations all around town. >> and time for the official beginning of president obama who will take the public oath of office this monday and we will preview that on had monday. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. a lot of you will be a little tired. >> how much sleep did you get. >> not a lot. >> not much at all. lynette you were up late you were celebrating and dancing all of that. >> i noose you were probably down in -- >> i was. >> you were probably down in federal hill. >> i wasn't but that clock came early. i am running off adrenaline and a lot of people will do that this morning and the cold air will wake you up. look at this 23 in manchester. 27 in baltimore aberdeen at 26 degrees and bowie is at 30 this morning. we are also going to be dealing with the wind that will pick up as we go throughout the day. right now, we see 5 in baltimore and 9 in dc but we will be
is get being ready to send the ravens off in style. a rally is planned for the team before they head he to the big game in new orleans -- head to the big game in new orleans. this morning, linda so is live at the inner harbor and when is the big send off? >> reporter: it's going to be on monday here at the amphitheater at the inner harbor. you don't have to look far to see buildings lit up in purple. that's the transamerica building overlooking the inner harbor. the lights are on in many buildings are purple. but on monday, this is actually the place to be. things will get started early in the morning. 98 rock will be broadcasting live at the restaurant from 6 to 10. there will be free breakfast handed out there. the rally officially kicks off at at the amphitheater at 11:30 and you will meet members from the 2000 superbowl team and the mayor and marching band will be here. the ravens poe and cheerleaders will be here. the best part is 12:15 when the coach and the players will be here and show up before beingheading a -- before heading off to new orleans. everyone is welcomed at this ra
joins us with more from the girls friend. >> reporter: are friends tell us her name is is raven and seven family members made it out, but the o 10-year-old was found dead inside the burned out home. daylight brings the reality check, just how bad the fire was on hartwait street in dundalk on saturday night. windows are grown out. -- blown out, the siding is black. look at the comparison to the neighbor's house. there is a notice to condemn. >> the whole house was in flames. the fire come up the basement windows, the whole house just is in flames. >> but the flowers on the fence get to the heart of a story, a young life is gone, young friends in pain. >> i was nap front of the house yesterday when this was happening and everybody was just sitting there but i was hope b -- hoping she would be okay because they said she was asleep, and she died. >> reporter: she has her stories straight. fair investigators say the girl who friends knew as raven was inside with her mother, grandfather and five other children. they were taken to johns hopkins hospital but are expected to survive. on
the caps will break out and the ravens have their game faces on. what is the future of one of their biggest stars? there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee at have earned the "keurig brewed" seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed -- look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. >> democratic and republican leaders today introduces a plan to limit philly busts. the tactic is used by parties to avoid plans they don't like. if it is aproved, the deal as designed would reduce the number of times senators can delay bills. >> in maryland official have a new plan to help the poor and disadvantaged. it will be set up in annapolis baltimore, st. mary's county. the four-year $16 million pilot program will include in care clinics and additional doctor and social worker staffing. at this time of the yearing, we need that with so many people sick. >> right in the middle of flu season. we have another snowfall coming up tomorrow.
ordinances. >> super sunday preparations are well underway everywhere you look. it includes the ravens team facility. pete gilbert spent all day at the under armour performance center and he checks in now with us with the team update. >> the team practiced outside, getting ready for the super bowl. it is amazing to think this is the position ravens find themselves in, considering they lost four of their five regular- season games. here we are. their execution was unbelievable. they did not settle for field goals, they got touchdowns. at the other end, they played fantastic defense. look at we 13 against washington. the often scored 28 points that day. there were consistencies -- inconsistencies on offense and defense. the team seemed to be in disarray, but ray lewis bought the team together. there was a galvanizing moment. >> the whole situation with our coordinators', when ray came and talked to us about outside force is not affecting what goes on in the locker room, and how we were not going to let anything happen decide what goes on in the locker room affect the way we performed, that wa
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at tnn. as... the ravens....get focusee ...on the 49ers../.one... play... against the patriots... is... still on thh minds... of some players. players.sports director bruce cunningham joins us with why some players hhve a beef with new englanddquarterbacc too brady... bruce? it';s no secret that the nfl considers new england partiotts quarterback tom brady ne f it's golden's brady mayyhave created a bit - of pr roblemfor the eague the nfl sayssit's going to rrview this play from suuday night's afc championship, in phichhtom brady appeared o kick the ravens ed reed while sliding...brady hasn't aad if it was intenional orr not...reed kind of bbushed it off...bbttsafety bernard pollard, wwo has a long and checkeredcareer withhbrady and the pats,, isn't buying it amonggthe biggest callengee phe ravens wwll face issealing with frieeds and family who want ickets, hotels roomsand game tickets...hear how john harbaugh plans to deea with that at 10:50 and11:30 n we're following... ray's last ride... all the way... to thee superddme in new orleans..../
peeing 2 hours late!! the ravens leave more channe to show theii one - joel d. smith is live at . players from the last super team off in style. good morring joel d. p3 3- 3 3 3 we're followiig ray's last ride all the ay to the ourr tories on the ravens playoffs.... hear raw going to our websitee.. by .. foobaltimore dot coomclick on on our homepage. cominn up... here comms the briie.what you can do todayy. to enter to win a free weeding. you'rrewatthing fox 45 morninn news.. all 3& 3 baltimoreecity... cecil... kknt county sshooos arr opeeing 2 ours late. schools are closed. closed.baltimore ounty sshools are alleady closed for day... but non-public bus routes are operating on a 2 delay..nne arundel couuty schooll are also alreedy closed... but county offices pre opening 2 hours late. 3 3 p, 33 3 some couples takeea year or more to plan theirrwwdding.but we're oiig it in just onn's our wedding in a week contest... aad you can &penter to win an all- expensss paid wedding... on us. hundred words or less hh you west 41sttstreettin . 2000 - bblttmorr.. 21211... orr
baltimore ravens against his younger brother jim who coaches the san francisco 49ers. baltimore beat new england to capture the afc championship and the 49ers came back to beat atlanta for the nfc crown. we'll have the highlights coming up in sports. and the ravens and 49ers will meet in new orleans on sunday, february 3rd. and, of course, you can watch the super bowl xlvii right here on cbs. >>> and coming up this morning, securing the swearing-in. a look at the massive effort to counter any threats to today's inauguration ceremony. this is the "cbs morning news." today's inauguration ceremony. this is the "cbs morning news." whatever it takes, get to sears big weekend event mattress spectacular. get 24 month special financing. and save up to 60%, plus get an extra 10% off. and free delivery. this is eye opening. this is sears [ female announcer ] how do you define your moment? the blissful pause just before that rich sweetness touches your lips. the delightful discovery the mid-sweetening realization that you have the house all to yourself. well, almost. the sweet re
... near llch raven... and... northern avenue.../as... you can see../ ttere's... a... coatinn of snow on he road.../ and... it... was still... so cold.../ none... &p melted yet check in with fox455morning news...for he laaest forecast......and nyyschool delaas and traffic trouble troubleget... thaa inffrmation... on the fox45 news ticker...///. fox45 morning news... starrs at 5 a-m anne arundel county executive having police offfccrs take him to a parking lott.. for its case against him...crime and justice joy lepola tells us about the arge amount of money some oo those officers were aid... paid......and where that money ccme from. from. ((pkg))) critics of anne arundellcountyyexecutiie john leopold did not holddback as &pthey left coort oday. enough about it it's just &pofficerr of this county have tt ndure such treatment :21 a reaction prompted by pestimony given bb a former meeber of leopold's sscuritt detail. the sergeant testifiid how he would ccaffeur leopold... around townnoo weekkeds... earning overtime in thh process.20:00 it's abbolutely
the ravens here in baltimore before they head to new orleans. details on the big send off and how you can be a part of it. >> reporter: state highway officials prepare for possible snow by treating the roadways to keep you safe. i am sherrie johnson, that story is coming up. >> and the snow is on the way and also temperatures are going to be heading into the 30s over the next three days. we are talking close to 60 coming up. >> reporter: traffic is pretty slow here on 695 at baltimore national pike and we are dealing with accidents on 795 and frederick road. i will have all the details coming up on good morning maryland. >>> friday morning and we are working for you i am megan prink especially. >> i am charley crowson a few closings and delays ahead of the storm as we go in for round two. dorchester county two hours late. they are on a delay and st. mary's county are closed today. >> cecil county will let school out early. the public schools and high school and middle school will get out at one and the elementary school is getting out at 2. >> all this ahead of the weather. let's go over
ssash fox- baltimore 3 for... two....ravens players.../super... bowl... hooecoming...//. ed... 3 reed... and... jjcoob jones... are... both... from louisiana../.jaccoy... &pjooes.../ a....native... adsit... has ooe, morggn. morgan.eddreed ssill can't phiie most playerssdrramed of playing ii the n-f-l....he dreamed of playing in a super bowl in his hometown... new &porleans. after the rravns beat thh patriots ssndayyin thh a-f-- champiooship....ones keet pelling... 5-00--... 5-oh-4... his city's area codee.jooes has come a long way in one season with the ravens...the moos dangerous return man in and he'ssa mmjor reason why the raveen are heading to new orleans...nnt bad for a guu cuu by the teexns... or his makes the endzone... he has a special dance for his ome into ooe bad thing about playing in he super owl in pis hometown... new family members he's picked up thhoogh ppone calls and text esssges. phen ozzie newsome plann to talk abbut a nnw contract forrjoe flacco.... and the o's sign a starter... later in sports unlimited. you can ccunt on fox45 for liv
or tornado. all the media has converged among the players. the ravens arrived today and coach john harbaugh just spoke with the press conference. we'll hear from them coming up in just a bit. a look ahead to their opponents. the 49ers >>> now, here's kristen berset at the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> welcome back. we are live at the hilton river side. the baltimore ravens team hotel here in new orleans. media day, the first media day just starting to wrap up. you see this crowd behind me. they are all starting to dispurse. a lot of players, ray lewis, joe flacco, were all just speaking. also excited to be here. they just arrived just about two hours ago after the sendoff in baltimore. they got on the plane at bwi and had a huge -- motorcycle cop escort. a lot of fans were waiting for them. one of the best police motorcades i have seen so far. even talking to the coach. it was like going to another game. >> i think we embrace the things that are different. we are here at the super bowl. it has to be different. it's okay that it's a little bit different. let's put that where it belongs an
device. >>> our big story is all about the purple. the ravens are in new orleans as super bowl week gets rolling. thousands were at the inner harbor to send them off. what a big party. >> reporter: it was a great party. today was all about saying one thing, two little words -- go ravens. a cloudy gray day in downtown baltimore and then there was sunshine. >> reporter: the ravens are out to take care of business in new orleans. thousands of fans filled the area to send the team off right. it's been 12 years since they went to the big dance. one more game, one more w, sending ray off right. can't we hear the fans scream? [ cheering ] >> we did this in 2000 and we're not going to new orleans for nothing else but to bring it back to baltimore where it belongs. we love you. we love you. we love you. baltimore, we love you. >> reporter: when you can feel something in your bones, it feels just right. they're looking at the super bowl as a chance for this team, their home team to prove to everyone that they're champs to baltimore and champs to the world. >> the whole city coming together, this i
. okay. so a redskins ravens connection. what's going on? >> game film of a december 9 matchup when they were in the nation's capital. rg3 and all that stuff. this sports cast has ravens and redskins intertwined throughout baltimore, looking back in order to move forward. how that matchup is helping them in their game of the super bowl. and maryland, duke, what more do you need to say? how about anger management? i'll explain next. >>> now, here's dave owen, the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> not all quarterbacks are created equal. colin kapernick and rg3. a few pounds heavier. rg3, faster. both are on their right arm. the ravens post their experience against griffin, give them a leg up on kapernick. let's start right there. being able to scoop. well, griffin passed and ran for almost 300 yards against ravens before injurying his knee back on december 9. so can the ravens take these things from the experience here in d.c.? >> a little bit. i mean, they are both two quarterbacks in the league that can run that offense. so, i don't know. i got to see how we fair come february 3. >>
, as always, later in the show. still ahead on "way too early," the baltimore ravens? what do you mean? do we have any ravens fans here? they shocked tom brady and set up an all harbaugh bowl. and later, saturday night live's second hand news correspondents, they get all the facts wrong. that clip and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back live from the dubliner. >>> the u.s. supreme court today overturned laws on the books for nearly a century and ruled that corporations can spend freely now on political campaigns. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every perso
for this year's super bowl showdown are set. the baltimore ravens will face off against the san francisco 49ers. last night the ravens overcame a strong start by the new england patriots to win the afc championship 28-13. earlier in the day, the 49ers eked out a win over the falcons to take the nfc title 28-24. we'll have much more including highlights coming up in sports. >>> a series of gun show accidents, barbara walters' medical condition, and a series of shark videos you won't want to miss. >>> plus, how has president obama impacted the country during his first four years? office? we'll review surprising statistics next on "early today." one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. [ male announc
the super bowl matchup between the ravens and they will go up against the head coach of baltimore. ravens scored for the championship game. to knock it off, 28-13, ravens and 9ers met last season with baltimore winning 13-6. >>> and new orleans, coming up in 8 minutes, the high hopes the city has as they prepare to head to the big easy. >> i was presently surprised, i didn't think they would do it >> 20 points down and i tweeted something, they don't look prepared but they called it. you know we have a lot of people who might be taking the day off just enough to make it lighter for those of us who have to go to work. let's go to the 880 westbound and mcarthur maze, traffic looks good, we are having a nice day at the bridge, we'll see, but right now traffic does look good. traffic looks good heading to highway 17, let's go to steve. >>> there is a change brewing in front of the system which is breaking down the high ridge of high pressure starting use it tie. we will start to see a little change, up you are 20s and 40s and everybody gets involved in the warm weather and we had great offsho
on coverage continues online capturing the ravens and taking you inside with the cheerleaders. that is all ahead on and on mobile app. >> now your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> this has followed the jetstream. if it is cold enough, they generate snow. it is getting into the mountains. we had our burst of snow. there was a light coating and slippery in some spots. there is a new batch of snow dropping in on cleveland area. a brief flurry or snow shower could pop up. in calvert county, the snowfall jackpot. three inches down there. the snow is staying south of baltimore. carroll county and manchester, about an inch and a half. we had an inch of very fluffy and powdery snow. and parts of baltimore county and southern pa, two inches of snowfall. mailing 10, an inch. the advisories for the baltimore area have dropped. this noble continue to come down off and on in the mountain -- the snow will continue to come down off and on in the mountains. we saw the snow showers coming in from the north and west. if you're traveling west overnight tomorrow morning, watch o
to the superdome in new rllann.see our stories on the ravens playofff.... hear raw anndfind other web links by .. - going to our website.... foxbaltimore dot com. cliik oo the "ray's last ride" banner on our homepage. a human-powered helicopter built by university of marylanddstudents has officially broken a world record.. 3 this is vvdeo of the amera two.... a 76-pound helicopter made from carbon fiber, balsa wood and foam.pilot colin gooe, an engineerrnn grrduate, was in the cockpit for this fliiht back innaugust.... which hhs just been ccrrified as a world reccrd f 65.1 seconns. the gamera two is a modified ersion of the amera one helicopter which set the previous world record of just more than 11 seconds. it wws a long commute for most drivers today.. thanks to he cold temperatures and a usting of s. snow. thii is whattit looked ike n the side streets in north baltimore off of northern and lochhraven. snow covered a thin film of ce. thankfully trrffic was a little lighter on the backroads beeause moot schools in the area were delayed. how are the roads look
floats. they will continually. the niners and ravens play the super bowl on the third and when that game is history, they will be partying with mardi gras. >> this is a little bit of new orleans in san francisco. it's a restaurant. for san franciscoens going to new orleans, the chef has some suggestions. >> new orleans is a beautiful place to eat, drink, listen to live music. my advice is not have a plan and go with the flow. walk around the city. enjoy it for its beauty of being an old city. meet people on the streets and just not have a plan and just go with it. >> need a plan, you just go with the flow. >> eating a lot. definitely hitting the hole in the wall shops, drinking a lot. that's always fun. walk around at 10:00 a.m. with your drinks. get some char broiled oysters and have a fantastic time. >> there's your come ploat guide to having a good time. don't have a plan, go there, eat, drink, and have a good time. in san francisco, cbs 5. >> anyone looking for a room in the big easy is just about out of luck. tourism leaders say new orleans hotels are 85% booked right
. >>> of course you can watch the 49ers play the baltimore ravens in the super bowl right here on cbs 5 in just one week, kick off is at 3:30. >> crews are going through the task of identifying the bodies of the 230 people who died in a night chub fire. it broke out in santa marieia, witnesses say -- maria. witnesses say a band member on the stage lit a flare or firework moments before the place went up. security guards stopped people from getting out because they thought patrons were trying to leave without paying bills and people could not get out because bodies piled up by the door. >>> checking bay area head hines, the police continue to search for suspects in a drive- by shooting directly across from the facebook campus. a 24-year-old mother and 2-year- old son were hit in the hail of gunfire last night at 8:00. their wounds are not life- threatening but they are are looking for a grown hopbda. someone in that -- green honda, they say someone in that car opened fire. >>> the police identified the third homicide vehicle as 44- year-old donald harvey, he was s
commerical breaks.. a thirty-second spot during a >>> doritos! the 9ers and ravens go at it on the gridiron and advertisers are battling it out on the commercials. 30-second ad costs $4 million just for air time. one commercial from volkswagen said to cost more than $10 million to produce, air and promote online. >>> it will take a big check to buy out hostess. little debbie just might do it. a published record says the owner of the little debbie snack cakes will pay as much as $30 million to buy the drakes brand that includes devil dogs and yodels. hostess is expected to formally announce bidders later in the week. >>> californians will skip out on a new credit card law in effect today. most stores across the country can now charge its customers a 4% checkout fee to cover the cost of credit card processing. but such a fee is illegal here in our state and in nine others. >>> irs will begin accepting 2012 tax returns on wednesday. 8 days later than originally planned. that's due to congress' changes made by congress to the tax law t
. >> that will be fun to see. >>> and the other big story we are following, the baltimore ravens are super bowl bound. dave ross is here and there is a little controversy over whether you actually picked them or not. >> first of all, i got a hug from tucker barnes when i picked them. that does not happen very often. for the record, i picked the ravens to win the super bowl in the proseason and i gave up on them halfway through. i cannot believe they went to denver and beat peyton manning and yesterday going up to new england and beating tom brady and those boys. incredible, incredible performance. we'll get to the highlights. they were 10-point underdogs going into new england yesterday and somehow, some way, joe flacco and company, john harbaugh, they got it down. this is how they got it done. nifty footwork there, tucker barnes. scoots into the end zone. there is the hoodie. he looked discombobulated all day. it was 13-7 new england at the half. here is the funny stat. the patriots, 67-0 with tom brady and bill belichick when they led at the half. they didn't care about that staff. joe flacco got i
't know, john, head coach of the baltimore ravens. >> going to be a good one. in the nfc, the 49ers overcame a 17-0 deficit against the dirty birds of atlanta. they finally locked it up for good in the fourth quarter when quarterback colin kaepernick found frank gore who rushed into the end zone. quite a game. >> in the afc, baltimore ravens quarterback joe flacco threw three touchdowns in the second half. the final blow was when the ravens' carey williams picked off tom brady in the end zone. it was the patriopatriot's firs playoff loss at home. >> and the super bowl in new orleans. you have the brother versus brother dynamic. and then ray lewis, his final season. got to the super bowl. willis is happy. >> that's a good story. i lived in baltimore for a couple of years. >> you worked for the ravens? >> my very good friend is the mayor. >> you've got a political hookup. you better get down there. >> you're going to see sunny in the good seats. in atlanta, a falcons fan is in the hospital this morning apparently was stabbed after the game outside the stadium by a 49ers' fan. the good
in the final 15 minutes and the ravens finish up work here. about to head south soon. super bowl preview coming your way next. >>> now, here's dave owens at the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> give georgetown basketball credit, as ugly as their style might be. watching a hoey hoya game is a lot of grappling, difficult, you have to be a fan to appreciate it, don't you, bruce? you really do. he is sitting it out in the suit. that's a big loss. hoyas in all white. michael hopkins, that's white noise. this is what you deal with. smith gets dressed down in public. never a good thing. third in nation in steals, they had 10. look at aaron boeing flying in like bat man. the only points of the game. he scored 49 points in three years. game winner today, 53-51 georgetown gets the win. >> the play before, the dead ball before is his basket. he goes out and does it, so that was pretty good. >> i say what's pretty good. the guy never plays. maryland, duke, you saw it right here. this is called stretching it. 6 of 8 from deep. this is all part of a 14-6 run broken early in the first half. the only two guy
for the ravens. we're rooting for them. >>> a shooting at a light rail station. we'll have a live report an abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. >>> oh, it's a mess. a snowy messy nasty commute. when the storm is headed out of our area. >>> day one of the phylicia barnes murder trial. a witness said he saw barnes' dead body. >> we're dealing with snow and bitterly cold temperatures. can the cold make you sick? >>> now to that breaking news we first told you b a man was shot near the light rail station. >> it happened at about 4:15 at ridgely road and lutherville. the victim was rushed to shock trauma. christian schaffer has more. >> this is behind the plaza off ridgely road. it's still a pretty active scene. a lot of investigators, police still here. we're told the shooting happened on that platform where the train would normally stop at the light rail station. this time they're not stopping. they're by passing as the investigation continues. investigators have been paying special interest to these dark bags on the ground right now. atz i look, they were taking some photos of those bags earlie
, celebration time for ravens fans. let the celebrations continue. fans packed the streets. hear what the the ravens head coach had to say about taking on his brother, 49ers head coach jim harbaugh. also, fun facts about past inaugurations. we will be right back. >> good morning, washington. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. 4:43 is the time. an arctic blast is on the way bringing major changes. this is a satellite picture right now. if a little bit of clouds moving in. we will watch for the cloudy skies this afternoon. there's a weak cold front approaching that could bring us a chance of a sprinkle or snow shower late this afternoon into the evening. if and join the 35 that we have right now in d.c., 32 in dulles, 28 in winchester and gaithersburg. the wind chill factor is a little colder than that. about three degrees to 5 degrees on average. tomorrow morning, wind chill factors in the single digits. partly cloudy and 35 degrees at 9:00 a.m. today, 42 degrees at noon, and a chance of a sprinkle or snow flurries at 5:00 at 46 degrees. let's see how traffic is right now, with steve. it
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are not going to let the ravens go to new orleans without hearing the roar of the fans in charm city. when you can say good-bye to our superbowl bound team. we will tell you about that on this friday, january 25th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan prinkeling. thanks for joining us. it's going to be cold one so consider yourself warned. bundle the kids up. >> what's going on with this? could snow be in the forecast. >> both of you are right. we are dealing with cold temperatures and snow is in the forecast. as we step out the door 11 in west friendship right now. wind are calm and that's good news i can add to you. we are not talking about the single digits yet but sykesville temperatures is at 15 degrees. we have been dealing with them all week long. ijamsville at 14. so really bundle up and dress in layers for today. and then our next concern the snow as we go later into the afternoon. i am thinking around 3 or 1 western maryland and it will make its way off towards the west and this will filter in as we go throughout the day making the evening commute a nasty one. you saw wha
congress to pass stricter gun control laws. >>> the ravens arrived in new orleans just over an hour ago. thousands showed up at the amphitheater for a huge pep rally. they will have media day. they'll refocus on practice for the super bowl. >>> we're hoping to see you in new orleans as we team up with the st. bernard project in new orleans. we're helping to build homes for two families. you can help make this happen. just a few hours of your time -- that's all we need. head to for nola. you don't have to have special skills. if you can't make it, you can always make a donation. just pick ravens nation in the program designation section. >>> we've been taking your calls since 5:00 and the phone lines are lighting up for a house call segment. we're talking about inflammatory bowel disease, also known as ibd. we're joined by a doctor from the university of maryland school of medicine. thanks for joining us, very interesting topic in terms of some of the calls we're getting. talk about how this affects women. >> certainly. one of the most common questions we get in our p
their dream. will it be jim harbaugh or john and the ravens. last night was a wild ride for the harbaugh family. early in the day the younger brother had led the 49ers to a win in atlanta. because of travel he didn't have the means to watch his older brother john's ravens upset the patriots in new england. during the game he phoned a friend, his father. now jack harbaugh tells the rest of the story. >> about the middle ever the 3rd quarter, jim calls from the airport. he didn't talk about his game or what did you think of that. tell me what's going on with john. tell me what's going on with john. i said, i'm watching it right now. there's a fumble. the ravens have recovered. what happened now? it's a touchdown pass. we're up by two scores. jim is going wow, do you realize what this is setting up? i said, i think i do. >> it's setting up the har because bowl -- harbaugh bowl. tiger woods had himself a day. look at this action. he nearly spins it back for an eagle. his final hole of the day, trying to reach it in two. even through the raindrops, no problem for tiger. he would miss the eagl
of the game but ultimately the ravens beat new england 28-13. >> last year when we walked up out of here, i told them, i said we'll be back. don't hold your heads down because we got something to finish. >> the final game for ray lewis will be the super bowl and it's going to be a loss for him. poor thing. you can watch the 49ers play the baltimore ravens in the super bowl only right here on cbs 5 and it's two weeks from yesterday, sunday february 3rd february 3rd in new orleans. kick off at 3:30 and the week leading up to the super bowl we'll have a team of reporters covering the 89ers and all bay -- 9ers and the bay area fans and that begins next sunday. >> and all the guards were out immediately after the game. guess how much this baby will set you back, 34.99 for a hat. >> is it worth it though, they're conference champs. >>> the 9ers wasn't the only big sporting event in the bay area. >> thousands of fans came out to watch the world's best surfers take on the mavericks, new technology that brought them closer to the action than ever. >>> honoring the
and one for the ravens. and our young 25-year-old new mom orangutan came out and picked the 49ers. >> there you go. the ravens' fans can breathe a sigh of relief. she has only gotten her picks right 50% of the time, though. fox5 news is always on keep it here. sports xtra is two minutes away. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. >>> welcome to sports extra. many reasons not to want to go back to 1993. multicolored sick shirts, beanie babies. the phrase, whoop there it is. for the caps it
... joo flacco is riding the wave right oww now,the ravens quarterback on how ii feels to have hii boyhood drrams... come ttue. &p3 strrggling in the polls president obama maa - in orddrrto pass hii aaenda. 3 ((break 2)) 3 3 3 so ffr... president obama hass laad out a broad and ambitious agenda for his second term.but getting somethiiggdone in pashington... may be difficultt 3on tuesday the inaugural &pcelebration was capped off with a traditional prayer service at the national cathedral in tte president beginn a second & term - with plentt on his plate.we will responddto the threat of cllmate changein his pnauguraaladdress -obama pushed for action on the impact of natural disasterr & can no longer be ignooed.white hhuse ppess secrrtary jaa carney followwd up. this is not only an ssue of helping &pour cllmatteand envirrnmentt - but a matter of our natiooal -3 securitysome top republicans appear more focused on spending in washington.we should start withhspending nd debt because if we don't get aa handleeon that nothing else matter
are playing it is going to be toughed. >> very much rooting for the ravens. i want to thank my parents and go ravens. >> reporter: you said it, fred, it has been 18-years since the 49ers were in a superbowl and longer than that since they played in new orleans. but they have won all five superbowl games they have played and will try to make it six. back to you, fred. >> thanks, joe. start reserving your ticket for new orleans now. the sharks are back on the ice and they trailed the flames and tied it in the second. and flame's goalie should have stopped but 2-1. and boil shoots the puck to the nets and there is marlow for the second goal and the sharks go on to win 4-1. coming up, two first place basketball teams meet in berkeley and there is a three-way playoff in golf today when we come back. >>> there were four schools tied for fourth at the start of the day. two met in berkeley and the golden bears had the lead early and lead by seven at half time. both teams coming in with 4-1 but the bears win 70-65. and the humanity challenge was up for grabs and how about that? that bob hope. and rh l
left dead or missing. >>> the teams for this year's super bowl showdown are set. the ravens will face off against the san francisco 49ers. last night the ravens overcame a strong start by the new england patriots to win the afc championship, 28-13. earlier in the day the 49ers e-ed oute e-got a win over the atlanta falcons. we'll have much more including highlights. it's all straight ahead in sports. >>> okay, now here is your first look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." a nevada state lawmaker stephen brooks was arrested on a charge of threatening the nevada speaker because he was unhappy with his committee assignments. >>> and a big thank you to alex witt weekends, here are energy facts. during the afternoon of inauguration day 1985, ronald reagan participated in a coin toss for super bowl xix between san francisco and miami. the president made the call live via satellite from the white house. james buchanan's inauguration in 1857 was delayed for 20 minutes because someone forgot to pick up the departing president. and 1889, a cake in the shape of the capitol building
for the 49ers and not rooting against the ravens. >> her late father got a moral stadium built. she has been a longtime fan of baltimore sports teams. good politician. >> 18 degrees at the airport. john kerry will sit in front of his own senate committee today. >> hillary clinton will be back on capitol hill today as well. >> this is the beltway at harford road. take some extra time. >> testimony from heavily clinton. she sat down on wednesday and took some tough questions on the benghazi, libya, attack. >> the american people could have known that within days. >> we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest? what difference at this point doesn't make? >> the senate foreign relations committee will hold a hearing on the next secretary of state. john kerry will meet with his colleagues. he is the chairman of the foreign relations committee. >> now traffic and weather together on the 1's. >> expect a busy morning commute. we have some snow and that could cause some problems. one problem at rolling road. speeds oslo on the southbound j.f.x. -- speeds are slow on the southbound j.f.x.
feel the excitement in the air. ravens fans are pump for superbowl xvlii and they aregetting ready to leave charm city. where you can send them off. >> reporter: no delays on 695 here at delanny valley road but -- dulaney valley road but we are dealing on a crash on 695 in jessup. >>> the ravens are getting ready for the superbowl and they have two more home practices before heading to new orleans. this year's superbowl is special because the ravens are playing and because it's a family affair. for the first time in superbowl history two brothers will face- off against each other as head coaches. the ravens john harbaugh will compete against his younger broken jim the head coach for the 49ers. now the coachs' families are spending out. jack and jackie har bow hope the superbowl might end possibly in a tie. the family may not be able to decide which team they will root for, there is one thing they know for sure. >> if we don't enjoy it, we will let a great opportunity slip through our fingers and that's the one thing. we will enjoy it. >> it's a joyful moment. you know. it's a joyfu
the ravens well? let them know you are cheering them on. we have details of a send off party. >> the road are ready. before you head out the door, what's being done in hopes to make your ride smoother today. and that's a big story, the weather. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. weather and traffic in a moment because the heavy stuff is coming in the afternoon. we are hearing schools are planning ahead. >> cecil county is missing dism schools early. high school and middle school are ending at one and elementary school at 2. and that's because of the roads. >> yeah. seems like it's a smart decision because it's really going to impact the road. we are looking at a little bit of snow. we saw yesterday the effects of that. >> exactly. >> reporter: this leads to a lot of accidents. >> safety first and because of that, we have a winter weather advisory that goes into effect at 2 today. lingers into nine this evening. be prepared for another messy commute home. right now, temperatures are the story. we are frigid once again 1 degrees in glen burnie and the only si
navigate the sea on the roads and rails. baltimore ravens punched their ticket to the super bowl. do not count on the week and warmth sticking around. " the cold weather already moving in. happy martin luther king day to you. >> good morning, washington as we begin our live coverage from the west capitol steps where in about 5.5 hours the president will take his oath of office for the ceremonial event with hundreds of thousands watching from the national mall. we want to talk a lot about the crowd. >> hundreds of thousands of people expect it to blanket the nation's capital in order to watch president obama's inauguration. >> yes, and of course everyone is a tradition to talk weather. it is january in washington. we will talk about the inaugural forecast. the recommendation, lawyers. -- layers. >> you have to cover your head up. you will need to bundle up throughout the day today. here is the weather headlines. we will talk about sky conditions. a little bit of sunshine expected this morning, though later in the day cloud coverage. a cold front that could bring as sprinkles and flurr
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the baltimore ravens. the two faced each other on thanks giving in 2011. and that was the first time two brothers coached against each other in the nfl. well, the ravens won that game. now, the two will face-off again and make history in the process. this will be the first time two brothers have ever faced each other as head coaches in the super bowl. jim harbaugh, of course, also has bay area roots. he graduated from palo alto high school. >>> talk about a comeback victory today for the red and gold. comcast sportsnet joins us now with all the highlights of the incredibly stressful game. >> that was a little stressful, wasn't it, diane? the 49ers have never lost in a super bowl, 5-0. now they will get a chance to put that perfect record on the line, 4ers coming back from a 17-point deficit to punch their ticket to super bowl xlvii. colin kaepernick leading the 49ers but it was matt ryan who stole the show early. it was all atlanta. second quarter will start. 10-0 atlanta already making 17-0 after this. ryan to julio jones, 20-yard score. got both of his feet down somehow. the 49ers neve
to be the har-bowl featuring brothers jim and john harbaugh of the baltimore ravens. it's going to be interesting to see how they operate here for the next few weeks. but there's no doubt about it. 49ers are champions. >>> this is what it looked like on the streets of san francisco. fans could not wait to celebrate. this is the scene now at the mission district. debrora villalon is live now. where the celebrations went a little too far. >> reporter: for some people it did get a little out of hand. the buzz has died out now. but for a time the streets on the mission went crazy and police made about a dozen arrests. >> reporter: as the sun set on a historic game, crowds were euphoric, cruising the mission district. you might have thought the super bowl had already been won. >> everybody is pretty cool, and they are just you know celebrating the win. and i think police have a good handle on it. >> i just said one word. >> reporter: what police had to handle were arrests for public intoxicate. as people poured out of bars and homes and kept the party going. >> 49ers baby. >> reporte
in the georgia dome coupled with that win over tom brady, super bowl xlvii is set. the 49ers and ravens. and that super bowl coming up in a couple of sundays from now. the number one storyline that everyone is talking about, jim harbaugh facing that older brother, he coaches those ravens. you know growing up, dreamed of playing in the thankful envelope. jim harbaugh was head coach. never wanted to coach in the super bowl. i had that dream. i will share this with you that just the way caolin kaepernick runs, the gracefulness of his stride, the ground that he covers. it remind me of me when i run. and then i wake up. >> reporter: lots more coming up later on. kate longworth will be live from the 49ers headquarters down in santa clara. she'll have a report on the harbaughs. mentioning his brother and the word curse in the same sentence, check her out later. i am jim kozemore. >> thanks a lot, jim. certainly that frenzy is playing out of the bay area. fans are just rushing to get their favorite number and of course it's number 7, belonging to mr. kaepernick himself. the jersey is a hot sell
for the baltimore ravens. business as usual. there are more cameras and reporters than there were players. they will not let the distraction get in the way of what they have set out to accomplish this year. >> approaching this weekend, playing the game sunday. normally we keep it as normal as usual. as far as preparation, getting your body ready to play. they just come to the super bowl. >> game planning, i know it will be tough to keep the nerves down next week as we get down. hopefully we can keep those together. >> go out there and play. >> at the end of the day, the pass is a pass. for us to win the game, we'll have to go out there and compete, go out there and do our job, go out there and make plays. >> any distraction would be a hung huge disappointment. we're going down there for a business trip and we've been treated as such. after the game you can do whatever you want. go to bourbon street and have a ball. i'll pay for everything if you want me to. we need to get this win. it is huge for us. >> he'll get my tab. and then this piece of news that's come across our desk. colin kaepe
to the metal. >>> coming up in sports before landing, the ravens got a super send-off in baltimore. >>> plus tiger woods is off to a great start in the 2013 season. >>> return now to one of the day's top stories, congress and the white house appear ready to work on a new compromise for immigration reform. on the local level, activists say momentum is on their side. chris gordon has the story. >> reporter: veronica is an undocumented immigrant. her 10-year-old sister was born in the u.s. and is a citizen. they live in maryland. >> something that i have always been afraid of since i got to this country, knowing that someday we might get separated, me and my sister behind. i was already separated from my parents, because they wanted to give us a better future. you know, it's time that you can never make up. >> by massing the maryland dream act -- who graduate high school and pay taxes. gustavo andres worked two years as an organizer for casa de maryland. >> it's a daily threat. it's something that i have personally lived with. >> reporter: and now this coalition of civil rights and faith groups
plans to do with the $400 million surplus. [ indiscernible ] >> plus, the baltimore ravens sent off in style as they get ready for the first super bowl in more than a decade. >> and later, a fan gets tackled by an nba star after making that amazing half-court shot. we'll be right back.  we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >>> when it comes to money, turns out d.c. is in great shape. in fact, the mayor is expected to announce tomorrow that the district has a surplus of more than 400 million dollars. the question now is what do you do with all that money? fox 5s matt ackland is here with a look at the debate and what to do with the massive surplus. matt? >> reporter: it's a great state to be in as many states are struggling. d.c. has got a big pot of cash. it was not expecting to have. the debate now is, if it's better to spend it or bank it for a rainy day. mayor gray's expected to announce tuesday where all t
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appropriate downtown talk about, ravens cash fantasy. u got the shirt on. >> $5 ticket, $230,000 top prize. we also have a second-chance contest and we've just announced the drawing date for the two top prizes. two season tickets for life and $1 million. we call it season tickets for life. it's for 20 years. and you get parking passes and the seats are great. >> what's this? $5 ticket? >> i would call it a signature ticket. >> i don't think people would care about the money. >> go to the bottom of the ticket after you scratch your regular part of the ticket and go to md and enter your code. get your code and enter your ticket. >> quickly, power ball is up to? >> $130 million. >> and you are at the polar bear plunge. >> sandy point state park today. join jeff. join jennifer franciotti and the lottery team. stop by our booth and we have a price is right stage game tonight. super fun. >> we have all of the special sounds, the bob barker sounds. ericka palmisano, thank you. don't go away. dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions. whether you donate or not, make a donation t
for a touchdown. >> reporter: big brother's john's baltimore ravens capped off a cinderella season, sealing their destiny by running over the patriots. this game has its own twitter hash tag, #harbaugh. >> we had a few fights and arguments. we'll try to stay out of that business. we'll have the two teams duke it out as much as possible. >> reporter: john and jim grew up with the game. their father, jack, coached some of the top college teams in the country. the two boys with him every step of the way. but the emotion may only be surpassed by the man wearing number 52, ray lewis, who will come february 3rd, will play his last game in the nfl. lewis, clearly moved after the game, talked about coming back from an injury to make this his last season. >> and i knew, as a leader, the things that i gave up. the things that i sacrificed for my team, to come back as a leader, to be counted out with a torn tricep. and god kept telling me, that no weapon for my team is possible. and any time you trust in god, a man can't tell you what you can't do. >> reporter: the harbaughs gave thanks to their paren
is building for super bowl 47 between the baltimore ravens and the >> we are going to check on the forecast with mr. adam caskey. it took me 15 minutes to warm up my car. i hold you responsible. >> it is cold. widespread teens. this afternoon and another in the mid to upper 20's. we are expecting snow this afternoon and evening. 29 in the district. 14 in cumberland. high's anywhere from 25-30. mostly cloudy and the snow time frame will be from about 2-9:00 p.m. that is why we have a winter weather advisory taking effect later today, not because we have a lot of snow but because it will be affecting the rush hour drive home. another coat of snow iran and its later on today. over all this weekend -- another coat of snow later on today. looking ahead, i think next week we will have high temperatures well into the 50's by tuesday and wednesday. we could be briefly talking about 60 degrees on wednesday but that will be accompanied by a few areas of rain. that is a look of the forecast. how about the commute? >> a quiet start and the district. off to a nice easy ride. 355 as we make our travels a
the baltimore ravens and the new york patriots. right now the patriots are leading 10-7 towards halftime. >> ama: fans in san francisco erupted when the niners finally put away the falcons. >> the newsroom erupted as well. last year fans went home disappointed. not today. john alston is live in north beach where the celebrations continue. reporter: a walk through north expweech you'll hear a combination of cheers orgrowns, depending on how the game was progressing. people are still milling about here on the sidewalk, self operating -- celebrating the victory. >> the exact moment of victory at the boardroom niners bar in north beach. it was white-knuckle time but worth the wait. >> go niners. it's about time. i remember the 80s growing up. didn't prert it. now it's time. go 49ers. woo. >> not every fan packed into a local bar. they also packed into houses and apartments, to cheer on the niners. >> they spilled from the living room to the dining room at this place. what they didn't do is spill the toast to their niners. >> the niners, and then a world series resell briggs party for the d recelebra
football is very tough work, and the work day is not over yet. fans are now watching the ravens-patriots game, secure in the knowledge their team is already in. [cheering] >> may have been a few thousand miles away here in san francisco but felt they were part of the team that made it to the super bowl. the jam-packed boardroom niners bar, north beach, erupted when the clock hit zero. maybe it's team pride or the alcohol talking but here come the bold predictions. >> niners are starting a new regime. starting in 2013. we're going to win five super bowls in the next six years. that's all i'm saying. >> renee zeller of suitesserland was impressed. >> great, awesome, never seen that before. good look at soccer in europe, but this kind of soccer football is much better. reporter: they were out the door at the final bar, and little did they know there was an enemy in their midst. >> i have to be honest, i want the falcons to win. they're ahead 17 right now. >> don't say that too loudly. >> yeah, yeah, you don't blast it out. >> didn't look good for the niners early on and some fans h
affair of sorts this year. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh and ravens head coach, john harbaugh will hold a news conference the friday before the big battle. >> this morning, their parents, jackie and jack and their sister had a press conference of their own. they did it on the phone. it was good fun. we have bob redell with more on this morning's harbaugh family variety show. >> reporter: a variety show with a twist. it had this reporter cringing. us reporters asking the parents how do you feel about having your boys battle it out on the gridiron in the super bowl? questions like that. when all of a sudden, someone threw this zinger out. >> is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> do not -- what's up, john? >> is that john harbaugh? >> hey, john. >> that was me. >> mom was ready to come right through this phone. i'm so happy that joanie recognized your voice. >> that was ravens head coach john harbaugh prank calling his mom and sister. he sent his love before hanging up before the practice. that game will be historic. the first time two brothers will coach against each o
harbaugh and you ravens head coach john harbaugh plan to hold a joint news conference next friday, two days before the super bowl. >> this morning, their parents jackie and jack, and sister joanie, all js, held a news conference all over their own, when all of a sudden, someone threw out a zblirng. take a listen first and then our own bob redell will bring you the rest of the story. >> a question from baltimore s it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> is that john? is that john harbaugh? >> that was me, john. >> mom was ready to come right through this phone. i'm so happy that joanie recognized your voice. >> that was ravens head coach john harbaugh prank calling his parents and sister on this morning's conference call. he quickly sent them his love before hanging up to go practice for the big game, a game that will be historic, the first time two brothers will be coaching against each other in a super bowl, but not the first time john has coached against his brother, jim. during thanksgiving of 2011, the ravens beat the niners, like they did then, both parents will remain n
represents the ravens and the giants -- i mean, 9ers, sorry. you can see she picked the 49ers over the ravens. be aware. she husband only gotten her picks 50% of the time. -- he has only gotten her picks 50% of the time. >>> soldiers in afghanistan get to share in the super bowl excitement. what they will be eating during the game. from the weather center, good evening, everybody. go ahead, go on, gather near the tv screen and take a look at this. full moon rising over the bay bridge. the clear skies and how long those will stick around as eyewitness news continues sunday. an organization called "pizza 4 patriots" has already delivered 30-thousand pies to kandahar will be de >>> u.s. troops in afghanistan will have peuza parties next sunday. an organization for pizza for papatriots delivered 30,000 pies. they will be delivered toz bases throughout southern afghanistan in time for the big game. pizza for patriots launched in 2008. they deliver pizzas twice a year to deployed service members. >> i have a great idea now. you and i have been tryi
. tom bradies and the new england patriots had to go through john harbaugh and the ravens to get l. it was a dog night but the ravens beat new england 28- 136789 and by the -- 28-13. and this is ray lewis' last game in football. >> when we walked up out of here, i told them, i said we'll be back. don't hold your heads down because we have something to finish. >> the final game for future hall of famer ray lewis been the super bowl. i feel bad for him because he's going to lose that game. >> he's been playing for 17 years. i think it's okay. >> you can watch the 49ers play the baltimore ravens in the super bowl right here on cbs 5. it's just two weeks from yesterday. it's sunday february 3rd in new orleans, kick off time is at 3:30 and the week leading up to the super bowl we're going to have a team of reporters covering the 49ers and the bay area fans making the trip. that coverage begins. >> have you ever been to new orleans. >> i have been to new orleans. >> i think you should go. >> i am going. we're going to have live reports and should be a
by john's ravens 16-6. jim raven 16-6. what you will find in the next two weeks is that jim is more colorful than john and neither wants to talk about it. >> we have to prepare, no matter what relationship you have with somebody on the opposed side you're trying to beat them. that will be my approach. >> can we forget about that stuff. we did that last year. it got old last year right. >> every moment that you're talking about myself or john, that's less time that the players are going to be talked about. >> we had a few drinks. we had a few fights. we had a few arguments like all brothers. we were trying to stay out of that business. we will let the two teams duke it out. >> we haven't spoken. couple texts. can't imagine it will be much more. pretty busy getting ready. >> how reluctant is the 49ers on the stop. in his mind this is low hanging fruit and this is not a time to peel back the onion. >> harder on his parents. >> yeah. >> somebody's got to win. one of the kids has to win that game. >>> as the san francisco 49ers look to play their
to keep it. [ laughter ] >>> you can watch the 49ers play the ravens in the super bowl right here on cbs 5. it is two weeks from today, sunday, february 3rd in new orleans. kickoff, 3:30 and the week leading up to the super bowl we will have a team of reporters in the big easy covering the niners and bay area fans. that coverage begins a week from tonight. >>> okay, but the big event tomorrow. the public swearing in of president barack obama. the oath of office was administered today privately but the public event will draw hundreds of thousands to the national mall. we go to washington, d.c. tonight with events that attracted people from here in the bay area, christen? >> reporter: that is right. we already know this inauguration will be nowhere on the scale of the 1 in 2009. we are hearing that the crowd will be estimated at about 700,000. smaller than it was. the mall crowded with gates and security checkpoints as they prepare to make history again. >> reporter: president barack obama wrapped up the first day of his second term at a candle
47. it is between the ravens and 49ers. later this morning, baltimore is hosting a big sendoff. >> it is all going to take place at the amphitheater. layers and cultures will attend. along with members of the ravens 2000 championship team. john gonzales will have a live preview of that sendoff starting in our next hour. the 49ers arrived in new orleans on sunday. they are ready for the busy week ahead. >> after john gonzales covers the raven sendoff, he will head down to the big easy to cover the big name. the first live report starting tomorrow, right here on "good morning washington. "" 4:38. 43 degrees. >> it will cost you more >> welcome back. 4:41 this monday morning. a live look over washington d.c. it looks easy from there. up close, you may get a little dicey. we will see some rain and possibly sleep. >> right now we have rain reported. also, in quantico. go off to the west, that is where there is some precipitation. locally, we have rain. temperatures should drop a few more degrees. >> people need to be careful. especially on the side streets. here is the wide view. lo
after last night's nfl playoffs. the big celebrations for ravens and 49er fans out there and the two brothers who will be getting so much attention at this year's super bowl. that's right, a family affair down in new orleans in two weeks. >>> first, hundreds of thousands are gathering later today on the nation's front lawn to witness history. >> president obama takes the oath of office in public, delivers his inaugural address then takes to the traditional journey to the white house. >> brandi hitt joins us live this morning. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning rob and sunny. in just a few hours we'll see hundreds of thousands of people fill the national mall for the president's big public swearing in ceremony. and rob, your girl beyonce came over the loud speaker rehearsing the national anthem. she sounded fantastic. all of these are the final preparations in the wee hours of the morning. even though technically the president has taken the oath of office. president obama celebrated the start of his second term with supporters at the national building museum. >> what we'r
, ambos decidieron conocerme mejor en su primera cita que fue en el partido de super bowl entre los ravens y los gigantes de nueva york. ese dÍa decidieron conocerce mejor e hicieron la promesa de casarce cuando los raven llegaran a otro sÚper bowl, pues esa promesa se cumplirÁ 12 aÑos despuÉs porque en nueva orleans se jugara el super bowl 47 teniendo como protagonistas a los 49ers de san francisco y a los ravens de baltimore. daisy dijo que nunca pensÓ esperar tanto para cumplir esa promesa, mientras que jim ya ha preparado todo para casarce ese fin de semana de super bowl en nueva orleans. hasta aqui los deportes. ..ultima pausa...pero en instantes...todo lo relacionado al mundo del entretenimiento con fanny gutierrez... estamos cada vez mas cerca del fin de semana y precisamente maÑana viernes un concierto gratis de musica urbana dara apertura a una interesante muestra de arte moderno en la galería de artisphere mezz, conocer a david amoroso y los músicos del área de dc que han inspirado su trabajo en jueves, 17 de enero de 7:30 pm-8: 30pm. la recepción de apertura al públi
contra defensor sporting de uruguay. continuan las secuelas del partido entre los patrios y los ravens de baltimore. les cuento que, el mariscal de campo de los patriots, tom brady, estarÁ siendo investigado por oficiales de la nfl para imponerle un posible castigo por la jugada en la cual se barriÓ, en un intento de protegerse, haciendo un movimiento de patada sobre ed reed de los ravens de baltimore. brady se deslizÓ con los pies por delante para culminar una carrera improvisada y despue És levantÓ la pierna, golpeando reed, quien no sufriÓ lesion en la jugada. por otro lado el profundo de los ravens, ed reed, dijo a una estacion de radio en baltimore que tom brady, se disculpÓ con Él por la controversial barrida. hasta aqui los deportes, buenas noches para todos. las novedades del entretenimie nto cuando regresemos de una mensajes.. hablamos de entretenimiento y les quiero presentar a una chica de impacto, no solo por toda su trayectoria periodistica y premios sino tambien por la importancia que siempre le ha dado a los estudios... cada tarde la vemos presentando noticias de i
nos dejo un resumen de la informacion deportiva... nfl: ravens 28 patriots 13 video en: sp-17suiniciamos en el gillitte stadium donde joe flacco superó a tom brady, lanzando tres pases de touchdown en la segunda mitad y guiando a los ravens de baltimore a su primer super bowl en 12 años con su triunfo, 28-13, sobre los new england patriots en el juego por el campeonato de la afc. la victoria da como resultado el primer super bowl dirigido por hermanos, john harbaugh con baltimore y jim con san francisco. los 49ers ganaron el título de la afc en el partido de la tarde al vencer, 28-24, a los atlanta falcons. ellos se enfrentarán en dos semanas en new orleans, que es un gran lugar para celebrar el primer duelo entre entrenadores en jefe hermanos en la historia del super bowl. también será un buen último partido para ray lewis, quien se retirará al término del partido con los 49ers, que son favoritos por cinco puntos. este fue un partido donde los patrios fueron superados en su propia cancha y ademas fue la primera vez que los patriots pierden en un juego por el campeona
patrios y los ravens de baltimore. les cuento que, el mariscal de campo de los patriots, tom brady, estarÁ siendo investigado por oficiales de la nfl para imponerle un posible castigo por la jugada en la cual se barriÓ, en un intento de protegerse, haciendo un movimiento de patada sobre ed reed de los ravens de baltimore. brady se deslizÓ con los pies por delante para culminar una carrera improvisada y despue És levantÓ la pierna, golpeando reed, quien no sufriÓ lesion en la jugada. por otro lado el profundo de los ravens, ed reed, dijo a una estacion de radio en baltimore que tom brady, se disculpÓ con Él por la controversial barrida. por la copa del rey hoy clasificaron a las semifinales sevilla y real madrid, y por la copa libertadores de america hoy gremio contra liga de quito y sao paulo contra bolivar. esto y mas lo tendremos esta nocho solo a las once. vamos a una pausa, pero al regresar... le mostramos a los y ante estas bajas temperatur as, nadie quiere estar al aire libre y eso incluye a estos orangutanes del zoologico nacional de washington..que aprovechan las horas dent
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